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Cinema Sewer Volume Five (paperback) (Bog)
Cinema Sewer Volume Five (paperback) (Bog)

The ultimate guide to the wildest excesses of grindhouse movies and beyond

"Bougie and his Cinema Sewer contributors really know their stuff, possessing a dizzying array of cinematic knowledge, the likes of which should impress even the most jaded and diehard film fan."
- George Pacheco,

"Mr Bougie's book is probably the most flat-out fun you'll have reading about trash films."
- Trash Film Guru

"There's no elitest attitude, no pretentious postering. These people really love movies, know their history, and like anyone who truly loves anything, they want you to be as stoked about is as they are."
- Razorcake magazine

The celebrated underground smash that is Cinema Sewer the magazine has been transformed and mutated into CINEMA SEWER: THE BOOK - and following the outstanding popularity of the first four books, VOLUME FIVE has been unleashed onto a now slightly-less-unsuspecting world!

A mind-melting compilation of gonzo writing, illustration and comics about the most insane, sexy, awkward, cheesy, hilarious, upsetting and jaw-dropping movies in the history of film, Cinema Sewer joyously and shamelessly celebrates the sleazy aspects of bizarre cinematic history.

Issues 24 to 26 of Robin Bougie's celebrated underground smash magazine are revisited in this fifth wild volume, along with an additional 85 pages of never-before-seen interviews, rants, comics, hard-to-find classic movie advertising, and graphic illustrations by Bougie and a host of his talented friends from both the comic book and animation industries. Regardless of whether readers are just discovering the world of classic porn, horror, and exploitation movies, or if they're long time fans, they'll find plenty to get excited about, as they gleefully slosh around in the filth of the Cinema Sewer!

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Size: 244mm x 171mm

Binding: Paperback

Extent: 192 pages, heavily illustrated throughout

ISBN: 978-1-903254-83-7

Engelsk tekst.

Pris159,00  DKK
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