The Gospel of Filth (paperback) (Bog)
The Gospel of Filth (paperback) (Bog)
The Definitive Guide to the Realms of Darkness and Devilry.

The Gospel of Filth is the boldest, most comprehensive and authoritative guide to the realms of darkness and devilry ever published. Taking in every significant milestone and major landmark, this lavishly illustrated volume will prove to be the definitive guide to the dark side for decades to come. From ancient formulae for conjuring the goddesses of hell, to the latest research on the psychopathology of serial murder, no tombstone remains unturned in this wide-ranging and witty dissection of the uncanny and unholy, of the esoteric and erotic. Music forms The Gospel's entry point, but every medium, from movies and literature, to comics and computer games is considered, while the authorities consulted range from Oxford academics to metal musicians as well known for their criminal records as musical ones.

'I got the tome of all tomes! No wonder it took such a long time to get it done, the amount of info is ridiculous, it'll probably take me the entire year to get through it, a marvellous piece of work!'
- Ville Valo

The principal consultant is Dani Filth, who rides shotgun with author Gavin Baddeley throughout the book, providing insight and impish irreverence at every turn. Dani's band Cradle of Filth are one of England's most successful and controversial musical exports of the past decade, loved and loathed in equal measure, the singer bringing that same provocative edge to this, his first literary effort. Emerging from the violent cauldron of chaos that propelled black metal to the forefront of the extreme music scene in the early-'90s, Cradle of Filth have since transcended such subcultural boundaries, embracing the likes of Decadent art and Gothic literature to create an inimitable, sensuously sinister style all of their own.

The most realized band in the Black Metal realm... Cradle of Filth always create with an intelligence and self-awareness that reveals a great art.
- Rolling Stone magazine

Experts consulted range from ex-FBI Agent Robert Ressler (who first coined the term 'serial killer'), to Gothic actress and model Eileen Daly, and Oxford anthropologist and world expert on psychoactive drugs Richard Rudgley, via Satanic High Priest Peter Gilmore and Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey. Legendary horror film director Dario Argento gives insight into his art, as do War of the Worlds composer Jeff Wayne, controversial art director Nigel Wingrove, Lovecraftian artist John Coulthart, and ghost photographer Simon Marsden.

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Size: 260mm x 195mm
Binding: Paperback
Extent: 512 pages, heavily illustrated throughout in colour & b/w
ISBN: 978-1-903254-51-6

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